Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old School D&D Night at Liam Flynn's Ale House with Flying Dog Brewery!

I'll be running a modified version of B-1 interpolated with Jack Shear's "DEVILMOUNT"

More Elves of the Shadowdrift

Inspired by this post by the great Gavin Norman, I've been pondering taking his Fey Elf class and melding it with my initial ideas for "Feral" or "Wild" of the Shadowdrift. As Fey Elves left their homelands, they migrated into other lands and developed their own individual cultures.

Living as far from humankind as possible, one can still find the great courts and enchanted cities of the Fey. Guided by the laws and principles of countless ages, the Fey Civilizations are wonders of art, architecture, and beauty. The concordance with the natural world that birthed them is the supreme law of their world. They build golden towers that reach the clouds, yet fell no tree in their construction. Their halls are filled with the firelight of thousands of candles. They only burn wood when the trees give up their branches freely.

It is a society constricted by tradition and the constant hiding from a world that is always threatening to encroach further upon their lands. The power of the courts is weakening. Their influence is barely a shadow of what it once was.

These factors are among many others that inspired myriad generations of Fey Elves to leave the traditions of Flood and Flower behind.

The Fey Elf can cast spells as a Magic User/Elf, however at the third level they can summon their own familiar or spirit animal. The familiar can sometimes communicate with the character, can gather components for new spells depending on the familiar and the setting. Let's say in the tomb of an ancient wizard, a weasel could scamper off and return with a scrap of parchment. On a beach, a cat could uncover a piece of an old shipwreck, buried under the sand.

Wood Elves (Churlathotons) shun civilization and live in dark woods and hills. They have a great mistrust of human folk and are the fierce enemy of trolls and goblins. Some fae beings live among the wild elves and they will often barter for peace and resources with dwarves and giants.

Wild Elves believe that the forest is their mother and will defend it at all costs. They fear that any separation from the forest sickens the soul and they’re fiercely opposed to trespassers in their woods.

Deities: The Forest Who Walks (powerful chaotic nature god), Adria (moon goddess of the elves), Churlathoton (Forest Mother and also Goddess of Entropy and Sunsets)
Analogue: anarchistic and fanatical environmental terrorists, living off the grid with nature
Symbology: An oak tree. Vines choking a ruined tower.

The devious and wicked MARSH FOLK who live within muddy tunnels and caves along wetlands and swamps. They are prone to murder and robbery, especially wayward fishermen who might wander too close to the secret marshlands.

Marsh Folk society revolves around endogamous tribes of 20-30 persons who are lead by the family elder, called the River King. The tribe will also have 1-2 Swamp Witches (Marsh Hags) who serve the tribes in an advisory role. These women are usually humans and will never live among the elves, but in a hermitage nearby.

Hidden in subterranean caverns and ancient ruins, you will find the strongholds and fortresses of the Deep Elves. Their origins are unknown, but their social order is an elaborate caste system which includes several subsets and species.

Lords of the Swallowed Light are the sorcerers, warrior kings, and priests. They sit on silver thrones and imbibe rare fungi that they harvest from strange gardens. Under the influence of the fungi, they experience bizarre hallucinations and trances. In this way, the priests receive messages of communion with their Gods. 

The Deep Elves worship a secret cabal of deities. Some known, some long-dead and forgotten. Their most sacred being is an impossible cosmic horror that dwells in the center of a dying star - Xyrx the Eternal. Within the temples of the Swallowed Light, shafts have been created so that the star of Xyrx may be observed during ritual and meditation. Xyrx's dying embers are said to fall through the night sky and rain down upon the chosen ones.

They believe that a black sun exists in the center of their world and when Xyrx's star dies, he will use the black sun as a gateway to this world. He will rule and destroy the world from the inside out, swallowing oceans, crushing cities to dust, disintegrating mountains.

A Master of the Order is assigned to each fortress and stronghold. They rule through cunning as well as cruelty. They are diabolical, yet polite and well-mannered. They strike easy alliances and soon break them to fit their own needs. 

Reporting directly to the Lords of the Swallowed Light are the Shadow Keepers or Wardens. They are shorter and stouter than their tall masters. They are the underlings, warriors, and slavers in the Stronghold. In secret, the Wardens revere a legendary figure - Six Fingered Harlech. In days of yore, Harlech usurped the throne of the Lords of the Swallowed Light and since then, many Wardens dream of rebellion. 

Lowest in the social circle are the Nilderbog. Very short creatures with varying appearance. Some are covered in coarse hair, some are porcine in appearance, some insectoid or goblinoid. Some of those who tend the fungal gardens are covered in strange fungi and growths. The Nilderbog are very close to the deep elves and trolls of folklore.

They are extremely strong and they turn the gears to power the machinations of the deep cities. They also work forges and hammer out weapons and armor. All are castrated at birth and many of these eunuchs serve as harem guards.

In addition to these populations, Deep Elves will also associate with Tharens (ultra-intelligent subterranean ogres with bright blue flesh, like ogre mages, but with no magical abilities) and other subterranean creatures.