Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Here! Dyson's Delves

My copy of the Dyson's Delve ltd edition hardback came today. It's a little smaller than I was expecting, but it will fit nicely along side my copy of Vornheim.
Fantastic stuff in here! I'm thinking about making a dust jacket for it and printing a large map on the back with the key on the flaps and back cover.
Also I think I can glue and fold in a large reproduction of one of the maps I intend to use.
This book is going to see some action.

Oh and I am so writing in this thing, it's not even a question. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heart Breakers Bone Breakers

"Elemental Girl" by FastFood

The road from the Willows to the Slenderside is a lonely one. The only place to stop and take shelter is an old long house that smells like tobacco spit and greasy dog shits. The long house once served a logging camp. It's full of nothing now. 

But if you come out the western bridge to Slenderside you'll be treated to a nice view of the Stone Valley. There's an old quarry down there. It's where the prisoners from Slenderside get sent for work detail. All covered in white dust, digging and hewing in the rock, coughing up something fierce. All black blood caked around their mouths. 

Get to close to the edge of the valley and you can hear them calling out for water. Sons of bitches only give them water twice a day. Three times if the rain barrels are full.

There was a man named Grins. A real cussardly fuck if you know what I mean. Grins got pinched trying to fence some fancy incense burner or candle or some gold thing from the temple of Starius. Anyway, he had an elf girl on the side. See, they're not so open minded in Slenderside. Even a drunkard and a thief knows better than to be seen with an elf girl up there. Damn shame too. Some people just can't get their turds into the bucket, you know what I mean?

Anyway, our boy Grins gets sent to the Stone Valley for his trouble. He tells the elf girl to create a diversion so he can try and make a break for it. He had it all planned out. So what happens? The elf girl goes down there and calls out to the bosses. Short skirt, black leggings, you know, the works! So the bosses go to make time with the elf girl and Grins tries to make a break for it. He's got five other guys with him too. They're all shackled together you know.

So Grins and his Chain Gang make a run for it and it goes good for about a minute until he looks back and sees his elf girl and the bosses all aiming crossbows at them. One, two, three, five. They hit every man on the chain. Grins is struggling up the hill, pulling five dead men. As soon as he gets to the top, there's a Percy with a rock. Percy gives Grins three big strikes and he's out. Blood everywhere. 

The bosses all light cigars, give the pretty elf lady their regards, and tell the rest of the men to pull Grins and his crew down the hill. Pink dust just blowing around in the afternoon breeze. Yup, a real shame. They kept the bodies on that chain to spook the rest of the men. After the hacks couldn't take the smell, they finally buried them.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide

$10 plus shipping and it's in beautiful shape. However it's missing pencil notes, scribbles, and slips of paper tucked away. It smells faintly of cigars and fabric softener.

I did find some tiny notes written in pencil. Spell notes for the teeth of Dahlver-Nar...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Throwing a Shindig / Questions For the Floor

My players are going undercover at a ball held at the estate of a wealthy noble in town. I have NPCs for them to interview/interact with, a gallery of relics to explore, and a sprawling estate. Has anyone run a shindig for their players? Any advice or tips?

Also, while I have your attention, here are a couple other questions I wanted to ask...

1. Was/Is there a module that uses 1e AD&D Fiend Folio themes and monsters almost exclusively?

2. How have you converted AD&D monster stats to B/X stats?

Thank you.
Reverend Bizarre - "Goddess of Doom"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Desktop Book Meme

Labyrinth Lord, Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque I & II, D&D basic, expert, Blue Box, Fiend Folio, Vornheim, graph paper composition book.
Evil Twin hipster ale, vivi nova, Black Box, Boba's Bounty 24mg

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Xyglia and Rauina

Succubus Twins by Tyler James - used with permission

Xyglia and her sister Rauina

Beneath the Nameless City, in the spiraling caverns of the ancient reptile gods, the two sisters Xyglia and Rauina were born.

The denizens of the city built temples and offered sacrifices to the sisters, and in time, they grew in power until they rained destruction and chaos over the young world.

A powerful game wizard named Chester Cetterdwin summoned the sisters' consorts and managed to seduce them and turn them against their mistresses. 

The sisters were imprisoned in a chamber behind the moon where they still lie today. Yet they send their messages and influencial vibrations to their chosen followers in their dreams.

Societies and cults devoted to the sisters build strange temples called Sleep Chambers where rites are perfomed and devotees slumber with the aid of mystical herbs and drugs.

Mother of Fears and Hurts
Consorts - giants, black dragons, demon lords
Devotees - evil clerics, dark knights, wizards, shamed clergy, suicide cults and evil fey
Totems - black wings, black bladed swords
Ritual Items - curved athame, polished obsidian, black haired virgins, black lotus, "Tears of the Mountain" - small shiny drops of basalt
Dominions - forests, steppes, desolate plains, ruined places

Mother of Despair and Murder
Consorts - titans, succubi, serpents, green dragons, lamias
Devotees - vampires, gorgons, necromancers, sorceresses, snake people, assassins
Totems - serpents, disembodied eye, dragons, two pronged crown
Ritual Items - Snake rattles, shakers, poisons, jeweled skulls, whips, ritual flagellations, 
Dominions - mountains, deserts, ossuaries, cemeteries, swampland