Sunday, December 20, 2015

THIS IS YNGARR - Opening Crawl

In the earliest memories of the cosmos, there was Yngarr – a colossal planet that slowly orbited a green sun. Yngarr was ruled by powerful denizens called the ZUNDITE. The Zundite took creatures from other worlds and separate dimensions so that they could have slaves and consorts. The Zundite became their gods and goddesses. After thousands of years, the slaves and consorts had developed their own culture, and worshiped new gods, and soon, they rose up against the Zundite and imprisoned them. However, some of the Zundite escaped. In exchange for their freedom, the sisters Xyglia and Atigo agreed to share their knowledge of cosmic sorcery.

Whether by accident or by treacherous design (most likely the latter), Xyglia let a monstrous star demon through the dimension gate - VORYCHH - THE SUN-EATER, as great and terrible as the vastness of space, devoured the green star at the center of Yngarr's solar system and the planet was flung from orbit and hurled into deep space. For eons it drifted. Silent, black, and frozen.

In a ring of planets around a pale, red star, Yngarr found a new home. The rogue ball of black ice smashed into an unwary planet and the resulting cataclysm spilled Yngarr's molten core over the frozen surface, creating vast oceans, clouds, and storms. Dense jungles and fungal forests arose on the re-born planet. The debris of the crash created a system of seven moons and rings of cosmic dust.
Deep beneath the surface of the planet, the remains of the once mighty kingdom of the Zundite still sleeps as it has for billions of years. Cities, temples, and towers, still bearing the impossible star treasures and secrets of their lost masters...