Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some brief examples of what will NOT be featured in the new D&D

Axon Spaceship

 Flesh Golem sucker punch

Sweet devil girl ass
Moe Black's brother, Fat Andy

Expedition to Yovo Matando


It began when I acquired an envelope of strange photographs that I am sharing here. The envelope had been tucked into a ragged copy of the rare 19th century tome, Unexplored Places of the Empire. I have taken these to many local photographers and none of them could agree on the camera, film stock, or process used to capture these odd images. 

On the back of each photo was a notation in blue ink. Some of them are barely legible, but I have done the best to reproduce them below.

"Yig cult massacre"

"Remains of Horst"


"Aru Gon Na Tasis"

"ruins at (illegible)"

"(illegible) St Agnes Hospital Room 23"

"Oslo necropolis"


"Adder Society Memorial, Oslo"

"Castle Bergfalk"

"Shub Niggurath rite, Avignon"

"Iris Thule (after the Incident)"

"Shub Niggurath reveler, Avignon"

"Tower and (illegible) stone gate, Yovo Matando"


"Koa Yann dock"

"ritual mask, Yovo Matando"
"Temple of Semerkhet - Jensen's first clue to the star (illegible)"

"Miss Bessie Cairo, Manchester"
"Rose J at father's grave"