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Cloud Valley of the Ogre Flowers

Field Guide to the Shadowdrift
Hex #117
Cloud Valley of the Ogre Flowers

Buried in a lush, tropical mountain range, the Cloud Valley  is the crater of an inactive shield volcano.

The Ogre Flower, for which the valley is named, refers to an ancient legend about the wedding of the Ogre King and Queen. The Ogre King had his subjects plant enormous, foul-smelling, purple flowers throughout his kingdom in celebration of the event.

Very few of the flowers still exist in the valley, and they are highly sought after by perfumers and alchemists.

Of greater interest to adventurers are rumors of the labyrinths of antediluvian lava tubes hidden throughout the valley. Some say they lead to a system of caverns far beneath the earth that leads to a mysterious domed city. Also the ruins of the Ogre King's castle are still nestled in a hillside, choked by vines and obscured by overgrowth.

In the center of the valley is a deep lake. On opposite ends of the lake are two warring tribes of Goblins. They are extremely secretive and stay hidden in the canopies of trees. Like gibbering Ewoks, their villages consist of crudely built platforms and huts around the trunks and teetering in branches. No one remembers what started their feud, but in recent weeks, several members of both tribes have gone missing...

A Lamia Noble by the name of Yrich has taken residence in an underground lair nearby the lake. She sends her minions (Shambling Mounds, Ogres, Orcs) to enslave goblins or whoever else she can find in the valley to serve her purposes. Her slaves are hard at work trying to dig into the ancient tunnels so that she can find the mysterious domed city and prepare it for her rule.

Illustration by H.B. used with permission

Other Rumors, Suppositions and Hooks:

At the Bottom - 
At the bottom of the lake is the burial place of an ancient race of mega-dragons. The last of their kind was sealed in cyclopean tomb by a powerful wizard, who then filled the deep shaft with water.

The Cult of Rirakath -
A secret order of Ogre Maji from the east are performing unspeakable rites and rituals to invoke the material form of Rirakath the Gorger - Mother of Ogre-Kind. They have been abducting young women from a nearby village to satiate Rirakath's blood lust.

Rixis the Hobgoblin Lord -
A local Hobgoblin chieftain has set up a garrison in the hills. He and his band of brigands are exploiting the goblin feud for their own benefit.

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