Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lost Island of the Necrite - Part One: ENCOUNTERS AT SEA

ENCOUNTERS AT SEA roll 1d10 per 5 mile hex
(00.00, 08.00, 09.00, 09.01, 09.07, 09.08, 09.09)
If duplicate encounters are rolled, the DM can roll again, or let the party travel on without incident.

01 Sudden storm conditions for 2d6 hours - Party loses direction for 2d6 hours of travel. The party's vessel has a 20% chance of becoming damaged each hour during the length of the storm.

02 Pirates!
(1d20 first level fighters, 1d10 second level fighters, 1d6 third level fighters, 1 Captain Jareth Koel - treat as fifth level fighter)
The pirates will demand that the party hand over whatever treasure and valuables that they have on board. If there is nothing of any value over 500gp, the pirates will demand that the party give up their ship and try to board the craft.

If the captain's HP are reduced by half, he will call off his crew and will concede by giving the party a (cursed) rapier with a jewel-studded hilt and scabbard. The pirates own vessel is filled with various treasure and stolen goods, mostly cursed.

03 Giant Squid - 10% chance that it is sleeping and the party's craft passes undetected.

04 Giant Sea Turtles (1d4)

05 Wind stops. All sailing progress ceases for 1d20 hours.

06 Burning shipwreck
A large sailing ship, engulfed by flames. 3 survivors are in a small rowboat. They beg for food and water. After receiving food and drink, they will refuse to travel with the party to "The Dead Island" They will attempt to sabotage the boat and/or fight to the death to halt the party's progress. Treat the survivors as 3rd level fighters.

07 Sunken Monolith / Ruined Temple
A colossal monolith of black rock rises from the sea, 60 feet into the air. Mysterious inscriptions can be seen upon it. Surrounding it are the ruined suggestions of a once-mighty temple - columns and walls just visible below the face of the water. There is a 20' stone walkway covered in ropes of kelp. If a member of the party attempts to cross it to inspect the monolith, they will need to complete a dexterity save. The inscriptions are in a strange language that are impossible to decipher. For every turn spent examining the monolith, there is a 5% chance that they may permanently forget a spell. After 6 turns, the monolith and the ruins will begin to tremble and sink back beneath the waves. Another dexterity save will be needed to get back into the boat safely.
NOTE: These ruins can and will appear in various places in the sea. If the party wishes to return to explore the ruins, they will not be where they were initially found.

08 Giant Carnivorous Whales (1d4)

09 Mermaids (1d6)
They will speak openly of a terrible undersea conflict to the south, and warn of "water devils" and the vast treasure taken from a magnificent sunken city. They will also warn of the "old sea witches" who can drown a man just with only their gaze. If asked about the island, they will vanish beneath the water.

10 Hobgoblin War Barge
(20 Hobgoblins, 30 Goblins, 40 Norkers, 6 Varag, 1 Ogre task master)

This sleek warship is rowed by a team of goblins and norkers. The ship is fitted with catapults and harpoon ballistae. Their ship is able to launch ceramic jugs of oil, followed by flaming pitch in order to set enemy vessels ablaze. The captain of the ship has an uneasy truce with Jareth Koel – a pirate who sails these waters. The hobgoblins have assisted Koel on many raids, yet there is still great mistrust between the two.


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