Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Brewery at Hookshire

In the mountains above Hookshire, there is an ancient glacier. It is protected by a court of Frost Giants, or so it is said. As the glacier slowly melts, the water flows down the mountain, over a bed of smooth rock, off the the side of a mountain and into a cold pool in a hidden valley. According to legend, the pool is also the final resting place of a long dead warrior king. From there, it flows down into a stone trough and into a special house where the water flows over the naked breasts of a beautiful young maiden.
After all of this, the water finally enters the brewhouse at Hookshire where it is made into the most prized ales in the land.

Hookshire Frost
Eisbier 12% abv
A malty core of sweet dark fruits highlights this velvet hammer of a beer. 
Cost per pint - 2 gp

Hookshire Ankle Biter
Imperial ESB 15% abv
The perfect balance of malty richness and peppery and spicy hops makes this a wonderful restorative.
Cost per pint - 2 gp

Hookshire Renton Reunion
Wild Ale 9% abv
Effervescent, golden and bright. This is the ale for which Hookshire is known. Brings a warmth to the body as well as clarity to the mind, for a little while anyway. 
Cost per pint - 4 gp

House Ale
? - ?% abv
The dregs of the barrels and bar troughs are blended together each night and served as a cheap house ale. Served in a wide-mouthed mug with a dense piece of bread.
Cost per pint - 4 sp

After a night of serious drinking, roll 1d12 -

1. Wake up in local jail under watch of local constabulary
2. Woken up at dawn to bare knuckle box local noble tough guy in town square
3. + 1d4 to any ability scores or spread out among existing scores
4. Wake up next to local noble who presents you with new clothing, armor and weapons
5. Wake up to angry brothel-keeper
6. Feel great, totally refreshed, add 1d4 hp
7. - 1d4 to random ability scores
8. Wake up in under bridge with Miles the Swine Herder who gives you 10 gp "in appreciation"
9. Wake up in full plate mail and holding bastard sword with room full of knights dressed the same ready to head out for a suicide mission
10. + 1d4 to constitution
11. - 1d4 to constution
12. Wake up to find out that you have been made Grand Exaulted Cardinal of Local Church

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