Monday, November 12, 2012

The Shadowdrift

My current project - The Shadowdrift.

What began as an idea for a ruined necropolis has now turned into a vast area of ruins, swamplands, woods, burial mounds, and other places that hunger to be explored! 

If anyone wants to take a hex and run with it, we'll call this Open Source Shadowdrift. Let me know your ideas. 

Gavin over at The City of Iron wrote this wonderful post today - Is Writing For D&D the Ultimate in Short Story Writing? and it gets me right in the goodies. I have myriad unfinished stories, novels, bits of ideas, scraps of characters, pictures of situations, places, and things. Now with Shadowdrift, I have a place to sew those ideas and let them grow into their own.

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  1. Glad you found my post inspiring! I'm loving writing a hexcrawl... it feels so free somehow, that one can just chuck in whatever weird ideas come to mind, and make gradual sense of it all as it's explored through play.