Saturday, December 1, 2012

Xyglia and Rauina

Succubus Twins by Tyler James - used with permission

Xyglia and her sister Rauina

Beneath the Nameless City, in the spiraling caverns of the ancient reptile gods, the two sisters Xyglia and Rauina were born.

The denizens of the city built temples and offered sacrifices to the sisters, and in time, they grew in power until they rained destruction and chaos over the young world.

A powerful game wizard named Chester Cetterdwin summoned the sisters' consorts and managed to seduce them and turn them against their mistresses. 

The sisters were imprisoned in a chamber behind the moon where they still lie today. Yet they send their messages and influencial vibrations to their chosen followers in their dreams.

Societies and cults devoted to the sisters build strange temples called Sleep Chambers where rites are perfomed and devotees slumber with the aid of mystical herbs and drugs.

Mother of Fears and Hurts
Consorts - giants, black dragons, demon lords
Devotees - evil clerics, dark knights, wizards, shamed clergy, suicide cults and evil fey
Totems - black wings, black bladed swords
Ritual Items - curved athame, polished obsidian, black haired virgins, black lotus, "Tears of the Mountain" - small shiny drops of basalt
Dominions - forests, steppes, desolate plains, ruined places

Mother of Despair and Murder
Consorts - titans, succubi, serpents, green dragons, lamias
Devotees - vampires, gorgons, necromancers, sorceresses, snake people, assassins
Totems - serpents, disembodied eye, dragons, two pronged crown
Ritual Items - Snake rattles, shakers, poisons, jeweled skulls, whips, ritual flagellations, 
Dominions - mountains, deserts, ossuaries, cemeteries, swampland

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