Saturday, April 6, 2013

For The Glory of Trofalcomar!



TROFALCOMAR! The very name conjures up memories of an age of warrior kings who built an empire of strength, steel, and glory. TROFALCOMAR! Great city of legend that fell beneath the waves during a ten year siege by Lurgoz the Dragon King!

A millenium after Lurgoz had turned to stone in his great mountain tomb, the tallest spires of Trofalcomar still rise from the churning waters! Of course now they only to serve as hiding places for foul beasts that plague sailors on the sea, but you can still see them!

However, miles away, at the bottom of the sea, on a vast stone is a huge iron seal (Hex # 20 25) It is said that the warrior kings of Trofalcomar escaped with their most sacred treasures and artifacts into a secret tunnel beneath the seal. There, beneath the ocean waves, Trofalcomar's cherished history would be preserved and the greatest of all kingdoms would again thrive!

One treasure was left behind, hidden in the ruins! The great and fabled HORN OF TROFALCOMAR!
One mighty blast upon this wonderful horn will open the hatch in the sea and then, we shall be able to descend into the depths and rejoin our ancient people amongst the splendors of Trofalcomar! 

What's that? The horn? The Horn of Trofalcomar? Well it's, uh, it's in the ruins somewhere! Hold your breath!

Sunken Courtyard of Castle Trofalcomar

The sunken ruins of Trofalcomar are mostly a series of salt-bitten walls and foundations at the bottom of the sea. However, the Courtyard of Castle Trofalcomar is mostly intact. The passage to the southeast leads to Sunken Chamber #1 (see below)

1. An Ancient Colossal Carnivorous Death Whale lays sleeping in the courtyard. It's stomach is filled with all manner of artifacts and treasure from Trofalcomar's golden age. 

1 a. The secret door (see a.) has been broken open, leading to a corridor filled with 1d20 enormous blue and yellow jellyfish. They will sting players for 1d4 hp and save vs. poison. Those failing the save will experience vivid hallucinations of Trofalcomar in it's glory. They will see the courtyard filled with Trofalcomarians in their multi-colored vestments. They will smell the wonderful Trofalcomarian delicacies prepared and served by vendors in the courtyard. Etc.

Sunken Chamber 1
1. This cavern is filled with more detritus of Trofalcomar's past. Scraps of tables and chairs, tarnished silverware, broken dishware, all rest in this sand on the floor of the cavern. This cavern is also filled with 1d10 Aboleths

2. King Forsentine's Enormous Pipe Organ lays here, covered in layers of sea plants. Anemones and sea urchins sway atop of the rusted, bent pipes. Inside the organ is an enormous piece of illuminating coral. It is 10" wide. It can be broken up into smaller pieces or used as one large light source (60' radius or 20' for each smaller piece)

3. A pile of rubble climbs high to an alcove where LUZETTE - Queen of the Vampire Mermaids languishes on a large oyster shell. Her hair is black and shimmers with silver flecks in the eerie light. Her eyes are milky white and without pupils. Her tail is long and almost serpentine with bright purple scales.
LUZETTE can summon her court at will - 
1d4 vampire mermaids 
1d4 vampire mermen (mer-MAN!)
1d6 aboleths
1d3 merrow (water ogres)

4. 1d8 Kuo Toa and 1d4 Intelligent Hammerhead Sharks are gathered here, worshipping an enormous statue of Blibdoolpoolp with an interpretive dance. The statue is made up of rocks, rusting metal bits, ships anchors, and for her forearm - an immensely long horn - the very Horn of TROFALCOMAR!

5. A reverse whirlpool will rocket players to the surface if they step into it.

Once the Horn of TROFALCOMAR is acquired, row on over to Hex 2025 and blow the fucker. The great seal will open and reveal a lava tube leading deep into the Earth, where an underground city of Beholders awaits. Ha! Sick burn!

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