Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Kraal - Hex 0615
A frozen waterfall conceals the entrance to the MOUNTAIN KINGDOM OF MIGORFROST 

Within the depths of an icy mountain, carved from ice and stone, this cyclopean city is ruled by Lord Migor - the fearsome Lord of the Yeti and the son of Cryonax - Prince of Evil Cold Creatures.

Lord Migor rules his icy domain from a great throne cut from ice. His attendants are Yeti, Frost Giants are his lieutenants, and he commands an army of Amitok, Yeti, and even the dread Mi Go.

Lord Migor appears as a 25 foot tall white ape with a shielded iron helmet. Only his closest advisors see his face. He wears a necklace of the skulls of his enemies.

In battle, Migor carries an enormous bardiche and a long whip ("Frost Tail") that can paralyze ("freeze") enemies for 1d10 hp.

He can also summon the following by blowing a giant ram horn that hangs from his neck.

1d3 Frost Giants
1d8 Yeti
1d6 Mi Go

1d20 White Wolves
1d20 Artic Foxes
1d100 Amitok

Migor also has an uneasy alliance with the Ice Goblins though he mistrusts them and their kind. He also has a pair of White Dragons that serve as spies and guards of his domain.

The White Elves and the Ice Dwarves are chief among Migor's enemies. He is obsessed with finding and enslaving Dzjarmud, Princess of the Frost Elementals.

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