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B1 Hack - Into Cytheron Background

Zog the Sullen & Stranathon the Blood-Washed
Many years ago, there were two tight bros - Zog the Sullen and Stranathon the Blood-Washed. Zog was a powerful mage and Stranathon was a warrior without peer. Together they faced many challenges and many foes, adventures that had soon passed into legend.
Zog and Stranathon enslaved thousands to build a swanky underground hideout together constructed a hidden headquarters and base of operations deep within the Mountain of the Menstruating Moon - a labyrinth of chambers and caverns called Cytheron, named after the Moon Goddess.
In the great wars against the Barbarians of the Wintermoon, Zog and Stranathon helped lead the free people of the land to victory. Afterwards, they took all of their retainers and sellswords to invade the Northern Kingdoms of Frost.
Barbarians of the Wintermoon
Rumors tell of a great battle in the North where Stranathon and Zog met their demise. It is said that the demonic beings that Zog had long courted aided the armies of the north. If only someone had the knowledge and wherewithal to find their hideaway, there would be great things to explore! And who knows what riches of wealth and magic might be there for the taking?

Hoodlum Adventurers
Over time however, the hideout had been discovered. The Caves of Cytheron became a place for local youths to smoke black lotus and drink hallucinatory elixers. For witches and rogue mages to seek traces of Zog's magical workings. However, none could find the way into the depths of the stronghold, much less the oft-rumored caverns beneath. Furthermore, gangs of mysterious brigands and berserkers had been seen within the entry halls and in the rocky passes among the Mountain of the Menstrual Moon. 

In the nearby city of Gristwallow, rumors of Cytheron abound -
  1. The name of the stronghold is Cythereon. It is named after the moon goddess and has been built as a symbol of her glory.
  2. Zog had a secret chamber in the stronghold where he performed dark rituals and powerful magical workings.
  3. The shadowy figures seen going into and coming out of the dungeon are Xyglian cultists.
  4. Zog and Stranathon had several slaves to do the menial work, and were imprisoned at the stronghold.
  5. The complex has twenty levels.
  6. The skeletons with blue bones cannot be turned.
  7. The complex has a rear exit which is secret and well hidden.
  8. There is a woman who lives deep within the caverns who grants wishes.
  9. Strange sasquatch creatures have moved into the complex in the absence of its normal inhabitants.
  10. There are portals to other worlds inside the caverns.
  11. The very walls speak to visitors.
  12. An enchanted stone within the stronghold will grant a wish to anyone who chips off a piece of it and places it within their mouth.
  13. Stranathon & Zog still live within the caverns and watch the trials of unwary travelers and adventurers for their amusement.
  14. A coven of red-haired witches entered the caverns in recent weeks, and did not return.
  15. There is a gold mine on one of the lower levels of the caves.
  16. Anyone who dies within the walls of Cytheron can never be restored to life by any means.
  17. There is an entire brood of dragons nesting in Cytheron. 
  18. Cytheron is suffused with raw magic, making spells more powerful when cast within. 
  19. Stranathon was a cannibal who had a fully-staffed kitchen in Cytheron dedicated to the butchering and culinary preperation of his enemies.
  20. Tribes of Goblins have taken up refuge within the complex.
INTO CYTHERON is a re-imagining of the original 1979 D&D adventure module "In Search of the Unknown". Some names, concepts and inspirations have been also gleaned from Jack Shear's "Devilmount" Hail to the Anti Pope!

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