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B1 Hack - Into Cytheron Wandering Monsters Upper Level (NSFW)


(2-6) AC 9, HD 1/2, #AT 1, D by weapon -1, plus disease, MV 90' (30'), Save NM
The plague children were the offspring of men and women who perished in a cruel and tortuous enclave for the diseased. The children escaped the colony and found shelter and refuge within the caverns. They attack with clubs and daggers, but whoever comes within 60' of any of the plague children have a 25% chance of contracting the plague unless a successful saving throw is made. If a player contracts the plague, they will infect the other members of the party after ten rounds. Symptoms of the plague appear within 6-10 days. Symptoms include dizziness, vomiting, memory loss, loss of feeling in extremities, fever, wild hallucinations, and explosive diarrhea. Players with plague-symptoms will be unable to do anything but rest. The sufferer must make a saving throw each week vs. disease at a penalty of 1d6. If the saving throw is unsuccessful, the character dies a horrible death, vomiting blood and necrotic tissue. If slain, the remains of the children are still infectious. They will not attack unless threatened, but will ask for food and water in exchange for information (most of which, will be false).


(6-18)-AC 7, HD 1/2 (2 hp) #AT 1, D 1 -4 MV 120' (60') Save NM 
Rat Things are the horrible hybrid of rodent and halfling. Rumored to be an abominable creation of Zog himself, the lower vaults and caverns are teeming with these strange 2' high creatures. They have very low intelligence and will only attack if provoked, or if a player casts any magical spell in their presence. 


(3-12)-AC 7, HD 1-1, #AT 1, D var by weapon, MV 60' (20'), Save F1
Throughout the winding corridors and caverns of Cytheron, the animated remains of long-dead warriors wander in search of the living. They carry longswords and spears and will attack on sight. Zog the Sullen had raised these undead warriors as his own personal guard. The skeletons have a strange blue tint to their bones and will appear slightly phosphorescent in the dark. The blue skeletons cannot be turned no matter how high the cleric level. The strange blue coating on the bones is extremely flammable and will catch fire if too close to a source of flame. While ignited, skeletons will still attack and move as usual with the flames going out in 2 rounds.


(1-4* see below) AC 7, HD 1 +1', #AT 1, D 1-8 or by weapon, MV 90' (30'), Save F1
Nomadic berserkers have been exploring Cytheron for several days. They are seeking any artifacts that may have been taken off the bodies of their slain dead in Stranathon's many battles with their barbarian kin.
There's a 25% chance that a Berserker Chieftain will be among them.


(1-2) AC 5, HD 2, #AT 1, D 1-8 or by weapon, MV 90' (30'), Save F2 
The Berserker Chieftains wear full burnished plate mail and usually fight with a morning star or flail. They will always carry a shield, giving them a total AC of 5. The Chieftains will speak multiple languages including common, goblin, elvish and their own tribal dialects.


(1 -4)-AC 6, HD 1, #AT 1, D 1 -4, 1-6 or by weapon, MV 90' (30'), Save F1
Hordes of Mountain Goblins were enslaved to help construct Cytheron. Some say that most of them were lost in the darkness of the caverns far beneath. Many Goblins still dwell within the interior and seek intruders to kill and eat. Mountain Goblins wear spiked leather armor with wrist gauntlets that they can swing for 1d4 points of damage. They also carry crude swords and knives.


(1-2)-AC 9, HD 1/2, hp 2,2, #AT 1, D poison, MV 60' (20'), Save NM

Random giant insect creatures - 2' - 4' long - giant crickets or centipedes. There are massive hives of these clicking and whirring beasties hidden away in the darkest caverns of Cytheron.


This should be an exact reverse duplicate of the party. For example if a player's character is a lawful female fighter, they will encounter a chaotic male fighter. Races, armor class, hit points will all be the same. The NPC party also has the same mission and will readily agree to combine forces and share information until a chance at treachery will reveal itself. As a wandering monster, only 2 of the NPC party will appear and will then call upon the rest of their group. 


As Level 1 Magic User - AC 7, HD 1, (4 hp)  #AT 1, dagger 1-4 or spell, MV 90' (30'), Save MU1
Three young women have been reported missing. Many in the nearby town of Gristwallow say that three young women with red hair wandered into the caves. Those who are close to the young women say that they are witches who are seeking artifacts of Zog's magical workings. All three of them wander the caverns alone. Each wears an amulet that casts an instant Charm Person spell. Players must save at -1d4 to resist. Each young woman can cast the following spells - Magic Missile, Telepathy, Sleep, Detect Evil. The witches will tell the party that they need help finding the other two and they also need help overcoming any barriers or locked doors within the corridors. They will also come and go as they please, usually vanishing while the party is engaged in combat. Their names are Tessaree, Ancharun, and Bree.


(1-2) AC 6 HD 1+1 # Attacks 1, by weapon, MV 60' (20'), SV F1
The Hobgoblins were used by Stranathon and Zog to keep the Goblin slaves in line. They still search the corridors of Cytheron seeking their lower Goblin quarry. They will attack players on sight. They carry longswords (1d8 damage) and whips and nets. Each wears studded leather armor and carries a large shield. 


(1-2)-AC 5, HD 1, #AT 2, D 1-4/1-4, MV 80' (40'), Save F2
Feral bipedal beasts covered in coarse yellow, brown or gray fur. They attack with two large claws. The Sasquanath is a relative of the Sasquatch of folklore and myth. Several of these creatures wander the darkness of Cytheron. Zog had several of them locked in the dungeon where he attempted to train them into doing his bidding. 

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