Monday, October 29, 2012

Aim for the glory

This book details the rich Dwarven Mine which lies just outside the walls of the City State of the Invincible Overlord.  The City-State is alive with rumors of the strange happenings deep within the Glory Hole.  Something is going on down there - is it the discovery of ancient catacombs filled with the artifacts of a long-dead civilization?  Is it a power struggle between the Overlord and the Dwarves over the control of the mine?  Is it a grudge match between Dwarven and non-Dwarven miners over the division of vast treasures that have been found?  Is it an influx of creatures from without?  Is it an influx of creatures from within?  Is it an influx of creatures from another plane?  is it the discovery of a lost Gnomish mine adjacent to the Glory hole?  Can all of the preceding questions be answered by an emphatic "YES!"?  Venture into the Glory Hole Dwarven Mine, if you dare, and find out how you can turn these events into adventure and riches beyond your wildest dreams!  Glory Hole details the background and history of the site with ore charts and carefully maps and details the 7 large levels of the famous and dangerous mine.

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  1. What?! No comments? Geez if ever there was a title for a gaming product that demanded a comment if just a juvenile snicker.
    Glory Hole...*snicker*
    What are those dwarves up to?