Monday, October 15, 2012

Got a very cheap copy of the old "Blue Box" on eBay. The book is in brilliant condition, the box is a little battered, and the copy of B2 is missing its cover and maps. However, tucked away in the bottom of the box, with a few random cardboard chits, were three character sheets. This is the most complete of the three. Brother George the Cleric and Clarissa the Medium.

Such artifacts are a joy to find in a used book and especially in a classic gaming product.

My local library as a kid rotated through the AD&D first edition books like crazy. In one of their copies of the Monster Manual, people began to leave notes about what monsters their characters had killed and in the DM's Guide, a carefully inserted sheet of notebook paper with a laundry list of additional weapons and equipment - a spiked yo-yo for instance. Such underground correspondence usually went undetected by the library circulation office staff since the books came and went so quickly.

To Elysium, George and Clarissa, to Elysium.

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  1. I love finding those gaming gems, too. Every time I do, I think, some other group used this book. It makes me want the book even more, because it suddenly has a history.