Thursday, October 11, 2012

Haunted Woods Template One

The party finds themselves lost in the heart of a dense forest, shrouded in mist. Roll 1d10 and let the fun begin!

1. Wandering band of hobgoblins

2. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
The players encounter the ghost of an adventurer who had died while lost in the woods. Party must save vs. paralysis or be frozen with fear and/or run screaming in a random direction when the ghost appears. If the party can successfully communicate with the ghost, it will lead them to their mortal remains and treasure hidden in the hollow of a tree.

3. The Vanishing Tower
A tower appears in a clearing. It is 200 feet high and 100 feet in diameter. There is an arched doorway, but no windows. It cannot be seen from anywhere else in the forest. The tower will vanish and reappear at random locations throughout the woods until the tower is entered.

4. Dahmer Party
A group of four adventurers who have also become lost in the woods. They will refer to a fifth member of their party who may or may not have been eaten by the others. They will beg for food and alternately attack the players in a rage if food is denied.

5. Tribe of werebears. Holy shit.

6. Dimensional Bleedthrough
Through the fog or through a grove of trees, another world can be seen - a burning desert, a beach on a crystal blue sea, a landscape of fire, etc. This is a place in the woods where the walls between other dimensions are thin. 

7. Abandoned campsite
The remains of a woodfire and a leather pouch that contains several vials of liquid the nature of which should be determined at the GMs discretion.

8. Death-like Silence
The trees are so dense that the forest is completely silent. After wandering in the complete stillness, the characters may begin to go mad and despair. Characters must save vs. spells each round or lose 1d4 wisdom and the ability to cast spells for 1d8 rounds

9. Murderous albino halfling clan
Whole inbred tribe of them living in filthy tunnels under the roots of trees.

0. Grognus the Friendly Giant
The party encounters a friendly and not-so smart hill giant. If they help Gronus with a menial task, he will help the party find their way out of the woods. 50% chance of finding their way out or getting further into the woods.

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