Monday, March 25, 2013

The Map in the Old Notebook

Found an old notebook with this map inside. I used to fill this small notebook on breaks and when it was slow. This is from 2001? 2002?

So we're looking at the continent of Nawayar in the north and the archipelago of countless islands that made up the Island Kingdoms. Several of the islands were connected by high stone bridges and the shallow sea is filled with stone blocks and ruins. 

Some of the islands made up a confederacy of islands called The Lighthouse Kingdoms. Some of the larger islands had their own independent capital cities. Among other things, this helped to dissuade piracy. 

Nawayar featured a few distinct regions - The Riverlands were an expanse of swampy wetlands that were ideal of smuggler hide-outs and the occasional sunken temple rising from among the reeds. The Scrublands and The Sagelands were great expanses of rolling hills. The Sagelands boasted a thriving wine industry while The Scrublands were more desolate. Sort of like the difference between the Napa Valley and Modesto.

The great cities of Nawayar are: Riverton - bustling port city on the delta of the great river. Casiel - secret ancient city of the Moon Elves. Nawa - mysterious and dangerous place between the great desert and the high jagged mountains. Lom - a beautiful metropolis of artists, philosophers and scholars. South Point - a gloomy city battered by the sea and the salty wind.

The large island of Nuvan to the south was covered in active volcanoes. The lava flow birthed an ever-growing reef of volcanic rock. Also there are many rumors of labyrinthine lava tubes that lead far beneath the ocean.

Likewise, the land of Oris is said to be inhabited by a mighty tribe of Fire Giants, who build immense castles on the sides of the fiery mountains.

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