Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Tomb of Karazuul - A Monday Micro Map

Shadowdrift Hex 4008 - Valley of the Serpent Moon

I drew this map on the back of a business card while waiting on hold last Monday. I decided to write a brief adventure around  it.

A sudden avalanche has revealed a cavern that leads to the entry chamber of The Tomb of Karazuul. Karazuul was an ancient and powerful wizard. According to legend, the tomb is filled with untold treasure and jewels.

1. The Doorstep
A low cavern opens into a carved stone passage. The passage drops down into a steep stairway. The steps are narrow and steep and carved into the stone. The shaft drops down 100' and opens into a large chamber. 
The door to the tomb is immense. Over 60' tall. The door is painted with a vivid depiction of a wizard (presumably Karazuul himself) entwined with a multi-armed demon. A narrow shaft carved into the mountain carries a beam of sunlight into the chamber, illuminating the colors on the door. At certain times during the day the beam refracts through a crystal set somewhere in the shaft, filling the chamber full of strange, shimmering light. The effect lasts for five minutes.
During this time, everyone viewing the door must save vs. spells or experience one of the following effects-
  1. Roll twice.
  2. Player is attacked by an illusionary copy of the demon pictured on the door. Anyone who failed their save will also see the demon.
    Illusionary Demon - AC - 0, HP - NA, 6 attacks each round 1d8 (tentacles/arms), Move 60', Save as N/A (immune to magical attacks)
    After two rounds of combat, the demon will vanish and the door will open
  3. Player receives a telepathic message from Karazuul himself - "You have been chosen. Kill your companions and take your place upon my throne" After the message, the door will open for the player.
  4. Player is dazed. They are unable to speak or see for 1d6 rounds. Player must save vs. spells a second time. If failed they must again roll on this table.
  5. Player becomes obsessed with a vision of a key, a crown, and a curved dagger. They feel compelled to find these three items and will do whatever it takes to find them and keep them for their self. 
  6. Player loses 1d4 points of constitution and corresponding bonuses until they leave the tomb.
  7. Player goes into a spasm and begins speaking in tongues. Their glossolalia eventually triggers a password and the door opens.
  8. All of the above.

2. The Entry Chamber
This chamber is 80' long by 30' wide. At the far end of the room is a dais with an sarcophagus on top. 
The rest of the chamber is completely empty and the heavy stench of decay is in the air. 
As the players make their way through the chamber, the air gets heavier and the stench becomes nauseating. 
As the players get closer to the dais, they will notice that the sarcophagus is covered in carvings of horrific faces. Each face's "mouth" is exuding the stench. It can be seen as a wispy, curling vapor from the mouths. 
If the players open the sarcophagus  they will discover a mummified corpse. Within moments, the mummy erupts from the coffer and attacks with it's fists.

AC 3, HD 5, Attacks 1d12 (+ disease), Save as F5, Move 60' (20')

When the mummy is defeated, it will burst into a putrescent goo. Everyone in a 20' radius will be hit for 1d4 damage. Inside the pool of goo and wrappings is a long golden key. Inside the sarcophagus is 478 gold pieces and a golden amulet with a ruby set inside. The amulet is worth at least 500 gold pieces.
On the back wall of the dais is a mural depicting scenes from the life of the ancient wizard. A secret panel can be discovered after much searching. 

This passage is narrow and slopes down at a nearly 45 degree angle. Halfway down, a large pair of double doors are on the west wall.

4. The Chamber of Stone Warriors 
This chamber has a high ceiling that can be barely discerned. The room is filled with large statues of warriors with skeletal faces. Each one is 16' - 20' tall. At the foot of each statue is a brazier filled with a strange green fire that illuminates the grisly features of each statue.

One of the shorter statues has a golden dagger hanging from it's belt. The gold is a distinct contrast from the pale gray stone. If the golden dagger is disturbed, the statue will come crashing down and shatter into hundreds of pieces that morph into six giant black scarab beetles.

AC 3, HD 3, Attack (bite) 2d6, Move 150' (50'), Save as F1

Each beetle has a golden sigil on it's belly. They can be pried off and are worth 100 gp each. The sigils are diabolical in nature and can be studied by chaotic magic users to learn 2 first level spells and 1 second level spell.

The dagger is 14" long and is in a curved golden scabbard. The dagger itself is forged from a gold and blue metal. It's worth 1000 gp. It acts as a +2 short sword if anyone chooses to wield it. 

If any other statues are disturbed, roll 1d4
  1. Statue falls and shatters into more Scarab Beetles (1d6)
  2. Statue erupts to life and attacks. Treat statue as a stone golem.
  3. Statue disintegrates, revealing a pack of 1d6 Ghouls inside
  4. Statue falls and shatters into insect swarm (1d4 hp damage per round) 

5. The Pit
Farther down the narrow path is a mural. The mural is horrific to behold. It features unspeakable acts of evil being performed by Karazuul. The mural will seem to shift and move. If a player examines the mural closer, there is a 25% chance of them falling through this illusionary wall and into an eternal bottomless pit. The player's character will tumble through an endless empty void.

6. The Antechamber
This room is small and completely dark. A ray of moonlight creeps into this chamber through a hole carved through the mountain. When the moon is in the right position, it will illuminate a 6' radius hole in the door. The hole can only be seen during the right position of the moonlight. Sorcery keeps sunlight out of this chamber and only moonlight enters.

7. The Sealed Tomb
The burial place of Karazuul himself. This room is empty save for the stone sarcophagus in the center. If the lid is removed, the walls on the north, east and west walls will suddenly vanish.

Karazuul's body is completely preserved. His skin is pale and a black beard grows from his chin. A golden crown is on his head. 

If the crown is removed from his head, Karazuul will remain motionless. If a member of the party is now in possession of all three artifacts: the crown, the dagger, and the key, they will suddenly be teleported into the sarcophagus from the entry chamber. The lid will be magically placed back on and the player will be entombed and mummified and thus, dead. The artifacts will then appear back in Karazuul's coffin. The dagger and key in his hands, and the crown upon his head.

If the party attempts to rescue the player from the sarcophagus, they will be attacked by the same mummy creature as before. The player's equipment and items are the only treasure to be found inside.

8. Second Antechamber
This small room is empty except for a copy of the same murals on the walls as in the other antechamber. A door off of this room opens to a tiny room filled in with dirt and sand.

9. The Throne Room
On the dais is a large golden throne. A staircase leads down from the center of the room into darkness beneath the dais.

If a player sits on the throne, they will be teleported into Karazuul's sarcophagus and Karazuul himself will appear seated on the throne. He will then summon the "Cosmic Guardian" and an enormous, shapeless, slithering horror will lurch out of the darkness from beneath the dais.

AC 1, HD 9, Attacks 2d8 (tentacles plus special), Save as MU8, Move 120' (60')
If one of the creature's loathesome tentacles hits a player, they must save vs. paralysis or be paralyzed for 1d6 turns. At the beginning of each combat round, each player must save vs. death ray before they are able to attack on their turn.

If the Horrible Cosmic Guardian is defeated, Karazuul will vanish from his throne and laugh a mocking laugh. A search of the throne room will reveal 8000 g.p. 10,000 s.p. 688 e.p. and a large ruby worth 500 g.p. Of course, all of the treasure is cursed and each player leaving with any treasure found in the tomb must either have a powerful cleric remove the curse, or fall sick and die within 2 weeks.


  1. I like this very much Ben, it has good atmosphere and would sort out thinking from reckless players. Thanks.