Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Hobgoblin Queen's Birthday - The Throne of Ngorluz

Although the Great Map Contest over at Tenkar's Tavern is over. I still wanted to share my notes and ideas for the wonderful Dyson map - The Rose River


~Part Three~

1d10 Bugbear Guards with long blowguns and scimitars

Lair of the Bruggler. He will attack passing ships with a large trident and club. In his lair are several humans and goblinoids shackled to the wall. If freed, they will help lead a revolt against the Ngorluz and her court.

Patrols of Goblins and River Dwarves on the bridge with composite bows and flaming arrows of course. Beneath the bridge are two ogres with clubs who will amush and destroy any passing boats.

The Entry Hall
This cavern is blocked by a large iron gate. A goblin in a spiked helm sits here in a cage. When given the password, he blows a whistle to an ogre who tugs a massive chain to open the gate.

Two long tables are here covered with all manner of brightly colored packages. Gifts for the Queen. At least five of the parcels are explosive. One large package holds 1d20 angry stirges and another holds a quasit. The punch bowl contains a thick, purple liquid. If disturbed, a purple-berry punch water weird erupts from the bowl.

The Throne Room of Ngorluz
The room is filled with thick, greasy smoke from burning torches and braziers. A huge throng has crowded in to pay homage to the Hobgoblin Queen. Ngorluz sits upon a throne made of bones, broken spears and swords, shields and scraps of wood. She drinks from a large iron helmet which may or may not still have the remains of a head inside.
Ngorluz is 7 feet tall, she has four arms, four breasts, large tusk-like fangs that jut out from between her lips. Her hair is long and black and bristly. It hangs in thick ropy braids down to her knees.
Ngorluz's court -

1d20 Hobgoblins
2d20 Goblins
1d10 Bugbears
2d10 feral jackals
1d6 Brugglers
1d4 Ogres
1d4 Hobgoblin Champions
1d4 Hobgoblin Witches
1d4 Hobgoblin Shaman

If Ngorluz's life is in danger, she will teleport herself outside to where her barge is waiting at G

The Landing
Ngorluz's barge is a large craft made up of bits and pieces of shipwrecks. She sits on a large wooden throne and shouts orders to her crew of 16 men, ogres, and large goblinoids who take up the oars.
Another 1d20 archers man the rails and an ogre stands at the stern with a large pole to help steer the barge. He also carries a large whip and a pole with a sharp metal hook at the end.
Ngorluz's royal bodyguards are also present on the boat. They are 1d4 Bruggers and 1d4 Bugbears.

Bruggler info is here
Ragnar - Bugbear God of Death by Remo di Sconzi

Ngorluz by Me

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